Canvas Advanced Animation Toolkit

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Canvas Advanced Animation Toolkit

CAAT is an scene graph director-based animation framework for javascript.

Based in the concept of a timeline, offers a powerful animation environment featuring:


Skeletal animation Sprite Animations Multiline text Atlas Bitmap Path management Procedural fishpond Sprites traversing a random path Pixel perfect collistion detection with mouse Sprites traversing a random path accelerometer input Actor anchors Hierarchical rotations Hierarchy II Some actor behaviors Procedural grass Circles collision Box2D integration Scene transitions Scene timers SpriteImage demo Masking Video playback and manipullation Keyboard demo Quadtree based collision Flightcontrol like demo TileMap engine preview Multitouch test Action To Path Creation Flip cards Fonts Paint demo Auto Layout UI.TextActor vs drawString SVG Parser CSS3 @KeyFrames

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Contact info: or @hyperandroid @caatjs