Homogeneous coordinates

Use the following controls:

  • Drag and Drop Actors on screen.
  • Shift+Drag to scale actors.
  • Control+Drag to rotate actors.
  • Shift+Alt to unevenly scale actors.
  • Pinch, rotate and drag on iOS with native gestures.
  • Priority input lists usage.

This demo features the following elements:

  • Built-in drag'n'drop and rotate/scale.
  • Homogeneous coordinate system. Despite Actor's scale, it is always of the same size, and thus, always returns internal coordinates related to its original size. When an Actor is rotated, local-reported coordinates honor an homogeneous coordinate system as well.
  • TextActor optimization by caching it as bitmap.
  • Manipulating Actors zorder.
  • How to set a priority input list. In this sample the blue actor will get input prioritized to any other rectangles and its cointained children before the blue rectangle itself.